Combustion is a singular performance using electricity as the main source for the generation of sound and image.
Combustion is anti-music and anti-graphics, seeking the primitive core in visual and audio to extract only the essence of these sensory experiences. Combustion is a constant research on the impact of image and sound in a synchronized informs narration, as a sort of a blast lost in space.

Robin Kobrynski aka Rko is an artist working mostly on sound and image. His work focuses on performance and immersive audio video. Rko is also a graphic designer and filmmaker, he has written several short films on the label which he is also a founding member, V-Atak. Label, created in 2005 dedicated to the publishing of audio and video. RKO has played in many countries favoring heteroclite places, from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Toronto to Prague’Squat Milada. RKO is involved in visual culture as he has been organizing the festival Visionsonic in Ile-de-France for 4 years now and as a graphic designer, he created the poster for the 20012 Festival Nemo.