Vacarm – World Première

"Another life, another world ?
This direction looks familiar, the ant is following its path. Yes, I remember. What a jerk!
I know this one. He is so ugly. What the fuck am I doing here ?
I follow him, I look at him. Together. They move forward. We change, it turns around."

Vacarme, in French, means deathening noise, racket.
CENC defines VACARM as an excessively deathening sound, that you can't hear anymore.

In the continuity of CENC's previous projects (Disorder, Binah…), following their research on the esthetics of the mix of live video and dance, VACARM is proposing a strong input on the vision the collective bears at contemporary society. This piece is presented for the first time at Mapping Festival.

Founded in spring of 2010, the Centre d’Expression Numérique et Corporelle (Center for Digital and Body Expression) (CENC) aspires to become a pluridisciplinary artistic space of encounter, creation and sharing. The collective is focused on the research of new esthetic and sensorial experiences, through the fusion of digital art and bodily expression.

With the support of the Ville de Genève.