Convex Industrie

Alex Smoke is a Scottish talent making electronic records that blurs together European minimalism, pop structures and emotional strings and pads. He has released two full-length albums, Incommunicado and Paradolia (Soma Records) and a slew of singles and remixes, many of which have arrived on Soma and German label Vakant.

His debut release Random As came out in January 2002, but Smoke has always been immersed in music. In his youth, he sang in a choir for four years (a far cry no doubt from the mournful tones on his Don’t See the Point or Never Want to See You Again), his parents are involved in classical music, and he has classical training in cello and piano.

Today, Alex Smoke returns with a new musical undertaking in the form of Wraetlic (Convex Industries). Alex has crafted a vocal-driven dark Pop odyssey of scuzzy R&B and intrepid cyber synth developments. The name Wraetlic is derived from the Anglo-Saxon term wraith-like which in turn means ghostly or ethereal. Inspired by the post Dubstep advancements of the underground, he has created a deeply personal collection that deploys his vocals perfectly to reflect the themes of isolation and detachment from society that pervade his work. 

The live concept for Wraetlic incorporates stunning bespoke visuals from Japan’s Arch Project that Alex manipulates from a second laptop. His own live vocals are central to a performance, which provides a perfect marriage of cutting edge visuals and sonic elevation.