Tardis Records

When someone like Marshall Jefferson speaks, you listen. And what the House originator once told Zurich based DJ Eli Verveine is definitely a compliment: “You sound just like from my hood in Chicago”. As flattering as such a comparison is, and as rough and rumbling as her mixes can be, one would be hard-pressed to see Eli Verveine’s craft as a Windy City phenomenon.

Deejaying is a mission. In the case of Eli Verveine, a long period of intense experimentation and self-discovery led to the sensitive, instinctive and insightful DJ she now is. Honing her skills at the legendary Dachkantine club or at her monthly radio show at Zurich’s Radio Lora, it was not long before she garnered enthusiastic responses with her refined mixtapes: the most prominent of which Eli did for the renowned techno doyens at the mnml ssgs-blog.

If Eli has a knack for something, then it’s probably for telling her story of the deep over the course of an evening. Though she also expertly likes to unroll the carpet as an intro DJ. „When you garner the first screams from a crowd while playing your last tracks, then you can be certain you have done a good job.“ says Eli. Right. But let’s hope you rather see her playing that early-morning sunset-set (ok, let’s call it a “sun-set“): Trust in Eli and you will most likely be blown away by a high-octane affair. Swoosh!