Constellation Nerverland

The work contains of a set of 5.1 audio experience and an installation of video mapping projection on strings and fake clouds. The longing of rain and snow inspired a creation of this artificial environment. The fully mounted audiovisual installation is a simulation of how rain and snow can be visually inspiring. The audiovisual material as a whole is dedicated to touch intangible aspects of human’s emotions and thoughts. The tangible aspects of fake clouds, rain, snow, and strings are to exaggerate the mood in time and space. What could be given from this installation is the willingness to be inspired by small things around us.
Adi Panuntun is the founder and creative head of Sembilan Matahari, a cross-disciplined collective-artists based in Bandung, Indonesia.
Sembilan Matahari produces designed-film, a new approach of filmmaking by integrating technology-art through an emotionally engaging experience. Such method of “seeing film differently” brings people to “see differently through film”, which stimulates innovation and positive changes in the community.
Consisting of artists from various backgrounds and disciplines, the spirit of collaboration becomes the quintessence to all of Sembilan Matahari’s works including Constellation Neverland.