Miroir Moustache

You have always dreamt of proudly bear a hairy lip tuft ? Nothing more to say, everything is in the title! Let the moustache fly ! Original idea and interactive performance, SIGMASIX team invest the Contemporary art building with Miroir Moustache during the festival.
Initiated in 2004 by the Swiss artists Eric Morzier and Florian Pittet, SIGMASIX is an interaction design and new media art studio based in Geneva, Switzerland.
Florian and Eric started to collaborate on projects during their studies at the University of Art and Design in Lausanne (écal). Quickly they surrounded themselves with technicians, engineers, and artists to produce state of the art installations and scenography.
Their skills go from animation and video to electronics, programming, and mechanics. The ability to cross these skills allows SIGMASIX to stay at the cutting edge of art and technology. Today, the team is producing custom interactive installations for prestigious brands as well as art pieces for galleries and museums. Their commercial work includes scenography, museography, stage design, video mapping, and are open to any new challenge.