Workshop presented by Gaël Abegg Gauthey (FR)

Modul8 is an application designed for real time video mixing, MadMapper is a simple and easy video mapping application. This workshop proposes a global overview on the interface and fonctions in live video performance, presenting the theorical, practical and technical aspects useful for both software.

Date/ time : Friday May 3rd till Saturday May 4th, From 1pm to 6pm, and Sunday May 5th from 9am to 2pm
Venue : Atelier Cenc
Objective : Initiation and use of Modul8 and MadMapper softwares
Number of participants : 12 maximum
Required skills : Basic knowledge in video and graphic design softwares
Required material : A minimum working knowledge in video installation and/or video performance and motion design, a Mac computer with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) installed and a VGA adapter.
Optional: Dual or Tripleheads
Price : CHF 90.-

Day 1 :
Presentation of Modul8
Introduction of the software and its fonctions
Presentation of the interface
Importation of medias and creation of real time compositions
Control of the software
Use of a MIDI controller
Recording and the rendering of a composition

Day 2 and 3 :
Introduction to the principles of mapping
Software overwiew
Examples of projects created using MadMapper
A detailed view of all functions and possible future extendability
Presentations demonstrating different types of workflows
How to use MadMapper with your preferred software (incl Modul8)
Practice sessions in the workshop on mock-ups and different volumes
Collaborative project with creation of one or several objects that participants will map on

Gaël Abegg Gauthey aka Lupin, is a video Visualist & Scenograph.
He built his pictural culture around animated images and comics. In 2000 he collaborated with the National Scene of Annecy and joined the pedagogical team at the Gobelins school in Annecy where he teaches Flash animation and the conception of numerical projects.
In 2006, the Internet became too small as a field for his expression, which lead him to create the video events agency VisionSonore where he works on bringing video image to the human and architectural scale. He collaborates with the urban fashion magazine WAD and creates in 2007, the first videomappings in France. In 2008, he collaborates with the Abode of Chaos where Thierry Hermann orders an artistic piece for the the Biennale of Contemporary Art’s off-event .
In 2010, he becomes an independant artist and works with real time dynamic image for electronic music. At this moment, he also started to work as an independant scenograph and VJ with the association Visual Invaders.