Workshop presented by Philippe Chaurand (FR)

Millumin is a revolutionary tool to create and perform audiovisual shows, from theater to videomapping, from dance to interactive installations.
It has many great features to integrate easily video and interactions on stage : timeline, multiscreen/softedge, videomapping facilities, collaboration with other devices/softwares, etc.
Millumin is different. Because it has a clear and intuitive graphic interface. Because it is closely build with user feedback. Because it aims to give complementary and creative tools (via Millumin’s lab).

Date/Time : Monday May 6th -Tuesday May 7th, from 9am to 1pm
Venue : Spoutnik Cinema
Objectives : Millumin software usage
Number of participants : 10 maximum
Required skills : from 7 to 77 years old
Required material : Mac OSX laptop
Price : CHF 90.-

Day 1 :
Philippe will focus on cutting-edge projects made with Millumin. From videomappings to theater shows, we will see different approaches to amaze the audience. What can bring today technologies ? How to create interactivity with the audience ? How to merge the screen and the stage ? These are some of the questions, this workshop will speak about.
Then you will play with some of the coolest features : iPad control, Kinect integration, MakeyMakey interactions, Modul8 collaboration, etc.

Day 2 :
Philippe will show how to create an interactive installation with video, audio and light.
Using Ableton Live, Arduino and Millumin as the conductor, this installation will feature your photos, drawings and sounds. The end-result will be presented at a larger audience during the afternoon.

Every participant will receive a 50% discount, for a Millumin license purchase.

Philippe Chaurand is the CEO of Anomes, an enterprise specialized in creating tools for audiovisual shows. He was previously a software engineer.
He is also member of Iduun : a collective of 4 artists, that creates audiovisual and live cinema shows.
In 2010, Philippe created MapMapMap for Modul8, a videomapping module, that gains more than 8'000 users in 2 years.