Graphics Speak

Graphics Speak is a project about translating visual elements to sound, as it consists of a collection of graphical patterns that can be turned into audible experience.
Each archetype has its own composition made by mixing them on a turntable. The installation is contextualized within a darkroom, by broadcasting live video recording of the graphics on an analog television, where the transmitted electromagnetic waves are translated into sound through using a sensor. Therefore in this case, what you hear is what you see.
Weng Nam is a graphic designer with multicultural and lingual background from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Having previously worked as a graphic designer in Kuala Lumpur and further studied in the Netherlands.
He finished his B.A. degree in Graphic Design at Royal Academy of Art, The Hague in 2012 and currently residing and working in the Netherlands.
His installation work ‘Graphics Speak’ was previously featured on Designboom, Etapes magazine, awarded as Young Talent 2012 at Fontanels Finals.