Map-painting workshop presented by Mike Latona (BE) and Jessica Champlaine (FR).

From map to landscape, from landscape to portrait.
During the 4-day of work and plastical experimentations of the workshop, the participants will be invited to create murals, paintings or 2D and 3D projection supports, on which will be projected the animated and/ or filmed images they created on the theme of map, landscape and portrait.
Using the basic visual expression techniques (collages, painting, construction...) but also more sophisticated ones (numerical image, post-production video, mapping...)
the workshop participants will reach the peak of their experience during a presentation of their work.

Workshop days will be punctuated by interventions/conferences by map-painting professionnals.

Date/ time : Friday May 3rd to Monday May 6th, from 11am to 5pm.
Venue : Le Commun-Bâtiment d'art contemporain (Contemporary art building)
Objective : Creation of a mural, a painting or supports animated by video.
Number of participants : 12 maximum
Required skills : knowledge in numerical images and/or painting.
Required material : laptop + any other tools useful to the workshop (camera, video camera, iPad, etc)
Price : CHF 180.-

Day 1 :
Presentation of the speakers and map-painting realisations
Presentation of the participants
Working Groups Creation
Intervention by Sougwen Chung

Day 2 :
Conception and presentation of each group's project.
Beginning of the realisation of the projects
Definitive placing of the projectors

Day 3 :
Projects Development and realisation
Reflection on the collective presentation of the projects
Intervention by map-painting professionnals

Day 4 :
Projects finalisation
Work on the collective presentation of the projects
Final presentation

Mike Latona aka Los Hermanos comes from Street Art. Passionate for the street as much as for scenography, he shares and gives to see. VJ since 12 years, he naturally but savagely slipped into the world of mapping in the previous 3 years.
In it, he found the way to mix his experiences with painting, installations, graphic design, large scale work, sound and the interactivity with animated image. He sets free his taste for structures and various materials, and therefore makes visible his inner boilling creativity.
Mike Latona lives in Belgium. His exhibitions and collaborations (in art, street art, digital art, music videos, films, theatre, dance, events, fashion, branding, workshop, teaching) brings him to move around pretty much everywhere and interact with a very large row of artists.
This way, he discovers new techniques that come mix their influences into his work. Actually, there are no limits ; and even if there were, he would still go and look beyond to find them on the other side of them.

Visual artist, video maker and co-artistic director of the audiovisual label Argent Sale, Jessica Champlaine sails back and forth from under the white lights of the contemporary art world, to the moist and darkness of the genevan nightlife universe.
Orginally from France and graduated from the University of the Arts of Valence, her work interrogates contemporary life through notions of property and temporality of images.
She officiates as Vj aka Gertrude Tuning. Preferring figurative content to geometric style she immerses us into his cheap and poetic world where she mixes paintings, "home-made" animations and video, everything in a strange, trash and bling atmosphere.