Workshop presented by Laurent Novac (CH) and David Grunenwald (CH).

The workshop will start on a team creation during which participants will be introduced to various aproaches coming from the fields of data visualistion, generative art and interactive design.
Participants will then be invited to experiment and create visual and interactive representations through Processing tool and Java language.

Date/ Time : Monday May 6th to Wednesday May 8th, From 10am to 5pm
Venue : Bureau Culturel
Objectives : Exploration of the Data Art universe.
Number of participants : 10 maximum
Required skills : Experience with and basic notions of object-oriented programming.
Required material : laptop, and any interresting tools (Kinect, Leap Motion, arduino, etc)
Price : CHF 120.-

Passionate by art and technology, Laurent Novac always tried to conciliate them together, by using technology as a tool for building audiovisual installation, as a material for data visualisation or simply technology as a subject for creation.
Member of the Supermafia VJ’s collective since several years, he was involved into the creation of a lot of audio-visual installations and performances. Since a year, he is also an active member of the TSKZ association, who’s goal is to promote the collaboration between artists and scientists, by organizing different meetings and conferences as well as by giving workshops to teach technologies such as Processing.
He also works a lot with creative technologies such as Processing, Cinder, OpenFrameworks for graphical and interactive programming. Since 2012, he is software engineer and creative developer at GarageCube, the creator of MadMapper and Modul8.